Industries We Serve

The Firm has been engaged and has extensive experience in the following industries.

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Our Approach

Our approach in providing services begins with a comprehensive understanding of the unique personal, business and...

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Recruitment is a very important process in our Firm. This is why our professional staff are highly educated individuals with excellent personal...

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Helping you to stay abreast of the new IVU changes

Monitoring and Reporting Your Company's Sales and Use Taxes (IVU) obligation can be complex and time-consuming.

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Workmen’s Compensation

We have the business knowledge and technical skills required to help you with the sheer volume of the Workmen's Comp regulations.

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We strive to be a positive force in Puerto Rico by providing quality services at reasonable fees.  We recognize the difficult economic situation and the complex regulatory environment existing in the Island and are in harmony with our clients under these conditions.  We maintain a philosophy of personalized services in which our partners are involved with our clientele.

Valdés, García, Marín & Martínez, LLP is a Puerto Rico based firm of Certified Public Accountants and Consultants organized as a partnership for the practice of public accounting since 1975.  Over 35 years of experience in public accounting supports our commitment to excellence and professionalism.  We are proud to say that since our creation we have been one of the largest and most stable local CPA firms in the Island with a high client retention experience and a low employee turnover.

Our Firm includes the 1980 merged practice of CPA Juan A. Gil (Benemeritus CPA of the Americas), one of the most renowned CPA's in the Island and in the Americas and founder of the Interamerican Accounting Conference.