Our professional staff:

  • Partners - 4
  • Managers and Directors - 4
  • Supervisors and Seniors - 10
  • Other Professional Staff - 22


  • Mr. Arturo García Sánchez, CPA (Retired)
  • Mr. Ernesto Valdés Pérez, CPA, CFE (Retired)
  • Mr. Ramón Marín Blanco, CPA  (Retired)
  • Mrs. Luz N. Martínez de Ubarri, CPA
  • Mrs. Idsa Ramos Medina, CPA
  • Mrs. Sofía Benítez Arraiza, CPA
  • Mrs. Yahaira Feliciano Ramos, CPA

Recruitment is a very important process in our Firm. This is why our professional staff are highly educated individuals with excellent personal characteristics. We demand from them integrity, responsibility, commitment and the highest ethical standards. The partners lead the rest of the staff by example.